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Price List

Please note: Not all items are available at both stores. While we do update this list regularly please call us if you are looking for a specific item or vintage. If there is a price discrepency between this list and our in store prices, the in store price is the one we will charge.

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WineryProduct NameSizeTypePrice
1st Row Estate WineryChardonnay Oaked750 mlwhite$18.95
1st Row Estate WineryCab Merlot750 mlred$24.98
1st Row Estate WineryCab Sauvignon750 mlred$26.43
8th GenerationConfidence750 mlsparkling$24.25
8th GenerationIntegrity750 mlsparkling$24.25
Adega on 45thFelicidade750 mlwhite$17.00
Adega on 45thCab Franc750 mlred$20.00
Adega on 45thMalbec750 mlred$24.00
Adega on 45thMerlot750 mlred$20.00
Adega on 45thSyrah750 mlred$20.00
ArrowleafWild Blume750 mlsparkling$25.80
ArrowleafBacchus750 mlwhite$17.75
ArrowleafRiesling750 mlwhite$18.40
ArrowleafMerlot750 mlred$22.40
ArrowleafPinot Noir750 mlred$21.85
ArrowleafZweigelt750 mlred$22.40
Baillie-GrohmanChardonnay750 mlwhite$27.00
Baillie-GrohmanPinot Gris750 mlwhite$21.00
Baillie-GrohmanRecolte Blanche750 mlwhite$18.50
Baillie-GrohmanCab Franc750 mlred$31.00
Baillie-GrohmanBlanc de Noir750 mlrose$20.00
BC Wine StudioSirens Call Viognier750 mlwhite$19.90
BC Wine StudioSirens Call Pinot Noir750 mlred$21.90
BC Wine StudioSirens Call Syrah750 mlred$34.90
Beaumont Estate Pinot Noir375 mldessert$44.90
Black HillsAlias750 mlwhite$28.75
Black HillsChardonnay750 mlwhite$29.88
Black HillsViognier750 mlwhite$28.75
Black HillsSyrah750 mlred$45.99
Black MarketCollusion750 mlwhite$23.90
Black MarketSecret Society750 mlwhite$21.90
Black MarketThe Syndicate750 mlred$29.90
Black MarketOmerta Rose750 mlrose$21.90
Black WidowGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$21.90
Black WidowOasis 750 mlwhite$21.90
Blue Sky EstateViognier750 mlwhite$22.97
Blue Sky EstateNinsh750 mlred$32.17
BonamiciChardonnay750 mlwhite$19.90
BonamiciPinot Grigio750 mlwhite$18.90
BonamiciBelviaggio750 mlred$34.90
BonamiciMerlot Cab Franc750 mlred$24.90
BordertownMuscat750 mlwhite$22.00
BordertownCab Franc750 mlred$24.00
BordertownMerlot750 mlred$23.00
Bordertown VineyardPinot Gris750 mlwhite$19.00
Burrowing Owl VineyardsCalliope Sauv Blanc750 mlwhite$15.99
Burrowing Owl VineyardsCalliope Fig 8750 mlred$17.99
Cassini CellarsMaximus750 mlred$45.00
Cassini CellarsPinot Noir750 mlred$24.00
Cassini CellarsQuattro750 mlred$26.00
Cedar Creek EstateChardonnay 750 mlwhite$21.89
Cedar Creek EstateEhrenfelser750 mlwhite$19.59
Cedar Creek EstatePinot Noir750 mlred$28.16
ChabertonBacchus750 mlwhite$18.95
ChabertonCuvee Blanc1500 mlwhite$23.90
ChabertonPinot Gris750 mlwhite$19.35
ChabertonCuvee Rouge1500 mlred$23.90
Church & State WinesWhite Fizz750 mlsparkling$19.90
Church & State WinesChardonnay750 mlwhite$26.90
Church & State WinesLost Inhibitions750 mlwhite$17.90
Church & State WinesPinot Gris SS750 mlwhite$19.90
Church & State WinesSauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$19.90
Church & State WinesTrebella750 mlwhite$24.90
Church & State WinesLost Inhibitions750 mlred$19.90
Church & State WinesQuintessential750 mlred$54.90
Church & State WinesSyrah Coyote Bowl750 mlred$34.90
Clos du Soleil WineryCapella750 mlwhite$27.90
Clos du Soleil WineryFume Blanc750 mlwhite$20.90
Clos du Soleil WineryPinot Blanc750 mlwhite$20.90
Clos du Soleil WineryCelestiale750 mlred$26.90
Clos du Soleil WinerySignature Red750 mlred$44.90
Clos du Soleil WinerySyrah Growers Series750 mlred$26.90
Clos du Soleil WineryRose750 mlrose$19.90
Clos du Soleil WinerySaturn375 mldessert$28.90
Corcellettes Estate WineryTrivium750 mlwhite$19.90
Corcellettes Estate WineryPinot Noir Select750 mlred$24.90
Culmina Family EstateDecora Riesling750 mlwhite$23.00
Culmina Family EstateHypothesis750 mlred$52.90
Culmina Family EstateR and D750 mlred$26.45
Culmina Family EstateSaignee750 mlrose$27.60
Desert HillsCactus White750 mlwhite$15.90
Desert HillsChardonnay unoaked750 mlwhite$17.90
Desert HillsViognier750 mlwhite$24.90
Desert HillsCab Franc750 mlred$21.99
Desert HillsCab Sauvignon750 mlred$29.90
Desert HillsCactus Red750 mlred$18.90
Desert HillsDust Storm750 mlred$23.90
DiabolicaWhite blend750 mlwhite$17.23
DiabolicaRed750 mlred$17.23
Dirty LaundryThreadbare Gewurztraminer750 mlwhite$17.99
Dirty LaundryWooWoo Gew750 mlwhite$17.99
Dirty LaundryBordello750 mlred$38.99
Dirty LaundryDangerous Liasons750 mlred$21.99
Dirty LaundryHush750 mlrose$19.99
Elephant Island WineChard The Other750 mlwhite$22.99
Evolve CellarsEffervescence750 mlsparkling$19.99
Evolve CellarsPinot Gris750 mlwhite$16.99
Evolve CellarsRiesling750 mlwhite$14.99
Evolve CellarsSauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$15.99
Evolve CellarsCabMerlot750 mlred$19.99
Evolve CellarsCarmenere750 mlred$29.99
Evolve CellarsShiraz750 mlred$19.99
Ex NihiloPinot Gris750 mlwhite$24.00
Ex NihiloRiesling750 mlwhite$22.00
Ex NihiloChaos Rosso750 mlred$18.40
Fort BerensChardonnay750 mlwhite$21.99
Fort BerensPinot Gris750 mlwhite$19.99
Fort BerensRiesling750 mlwhite$19.99
Fort BerensWhite Gold750 mlwhite$28.99
Fort BerensCab Franc750 mlred$29.99
Fort BerensMeritage750 mlred$29.99
Fort BerensPinot Noir750 mlred$29.99
Fort BerensRed Gold750 mlred$45.99
Gehringer BrothersAuxerrois750 mlwhite$16.49
Gehringer BrothersDesert Sun750 mlwhite$14.19
Gehringer BrothersEhrenfelser750 mlwhite$16.09
Gehringer BrothersPinot Gris750 mlwhite$17.29
Gehringer BrothersPR Riesling750 mlwhite$15.28
Gehringer BrothersSauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$17.29
Gehringer BrothersCabernet/Merlot Dry Rock750 mlred$17.29
Gehringer BrothersPinot Noir Optimum750 mlred$21.09
Gehringer BrothersPinot Noir PR750 mlred$17.29
Gehringer BrothersSummer Nights750 mlred$15.29
Gehringer BrothersCabernet Franc Icewine375 mldessert$51.79
Gehringer BrothersCabernet Franc Late Harvest375 mldessert$19.59
Gehringer BrothersRiesling Icewine375 mldessert$51.79
Gehringer BrothersRiesling LH375 mldessert$21.69
Gold Hill WineryChardonnay750 mlwhite$20.90
Gold Hill WineryCab/Merlot750 mlred$20.69
Gold Hill WineryCharisma750 mlred$20.69
Gray Monk EstateOdyssey Brut750 mlsparkling$27.99
Gray Monk EstateOdyssey Rose Brut750 mlsparkling$21.99
Gray Monk EstateGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$18.39
Gray Monk EstateKerner750 mlwhite$18.99
Gray Monk EstateLatitude 50 White750 mlwhite$14.99
Gray Monk EstatePinot Auxerrois750 mlwhite$18.39
Gray Monk EstatePinot Gris750 mlwhite$19.55
Gray Monk EstateLatitude 50 Red750 mlred$14.99
Gray Monk EstateOdyssey III500 mlport style$19.99
Harpers TrailChardonnay750 mlwhite$17.90
Harpers TrailPinot Gris750 mlwhite$17.90
Harpers TrailRiesling750 mlwhite$19.90
Harpers TrailCabernet Franc750 mlred$29.90
Harpers TrailField Red750 mlred$19.90
Harpers TrailMerlot750 mlred$23.66
Harpers TrailPinot Noir750 mlred$27.90
Harpers TrailRiesling LH375 mldessert$20.90
Hester Creek EstateCharacter White750 mlwhite$15.95
Hester Creek EstatePinot Blanc750 mlwhite$17.95
Hester Creek EstatePinot Gris750 mlwhite$18.95
Hester Creek EstateCab Franc Rsv750 mlred$28.95
Hester Creek EstateCab/Merlot750 mlred$19.95
Hester Creek EstateCharacter Red750 mlred$19.95
Hester Creek EstateMerlot750 mlred$19.95
Hester Creek EstateThe Judge750 mlred$45.00
Hillside Estate CellarsGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$21.85
Hillside Estate CellarsMuscat Ottonel750 mlwhite$24.99
Hillside Estate CellarsMerlot750 mlred$21.99
Howling BluffSauv/Semillon750 mlwhite$19.90
Howling BluffSauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$19.90
Howling BluffPinot Noir750 mlred$35.00
Howling BluffRose Summa Quies750 mlrose$22.95
Hugging TreeViognier750 mlwhite$19.00
Hugging TreeTelltale Meritage750 mlred$25.00
Indigenous WorldChardonnay Single Vineyard750 mlwhite$34.49
Indigenous WorldMuscat Estate750 mlwhite$22.98
Indigenous WorldPinot Gris750 mlwhite$17.34
Indigenous WorldHee Hee Tel Kin750 mlred$21.94
InniskillinChenin Blanc Discovery750 mlwhite$16.99
InniskillinPinot Grigio750 mlwhite$14.79
InniskillinCabernet Sauvignon750 mlred$16.99
InniskillinMerlot Reserve750 mlred$16.99
InniskillinShiraz/Cab750 mlred$16.99
InniskillinZinfandel Discovery Series750 mlred$25.99
InniskillinRiesling375 mldessert$59.99
IntrigueI Do750 mlsparkling$19.90
IntrigueGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$16.90
IntrigueRiesling750 mlwhite$16.90
IntrigueSocial750 mlwhite$14.90
IntrigueSocial750 mlrose$16.90
Jackson TriggsMethod Classic750 mlsparkling$17.99
Jackson TriggsChardonnay Black Series750 mlwhite$13.59
Jackson TriggsCab Sauv Rsv750 mlred$16.99
Jackson TriggsCab Shiraz750 mlred$12.99
Jackson TriggsMerlot Black Series750 mlred$15.79
Jackson TriggsShiraz Black Reserve750 mlred$16.99
Joie FarmA Noble Blend750 mlwhite$23.90
Joie FarmGewurztraminer En Famille750 mlwhite$27.90
Joie FarmMuscat750 mlwhite$22.90
Joie FarmQuotidien750 mlwhite$24.90
Joie FarmPTG750 mlred$23.89
La StellaVivace Pinot Gris750 mlwhite$27.49
La StellaFortissimo750 mlred$34.99
La StellaLastellina Rose750 mlrose$22.99
Lake BreezePinot Blanc750 mlwhite$20.00
Lake BreezeSpice Jar750 mlwhite$19.00
Lake BreezeMeritage750 mlred$24.00
Lake BreezeMerlot750 mlred$22.00
Laughing StockViognier750 mlwhite$26.00
Laughing StockBlind Trust Red750 mlred$33.30
Laughing StockPortfolio750 mlred$52.00
Laughing StockSyrah750 mlred$41.40
Le Vieux PinPetit Blanc750 mlwhite$21.99
Le Vieux PinPetit Rouge750 mlred$26.99
Le Vieux PinSyrah Violette750 mlred$33.49
Little Straw VineyardsChenin Blanc750 mlwhite$17.90
Little Straw VineyardsSauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$16.90
Little Straw VineyardsTapestry750 mlwhite$16.90
Little Straw VineyardsCuvee Noir750 mlred$17.90
Little Straw VineyardsPinot Noir 750 mlred$21.90
Little Straw VineyardsRose750 mlrose$17.90
LunessencePinot Blanc/Oraniensteiner750 mlwhite$24.00
LunessenceSauv Blanc Muscat750 mlwhite$26.00
LunessenceCrescendo750 mlred$30.00
Mission Hill Family EstateChardonnay 5V750 mlwhite$17.24
Mission Hill Family EstateChardonnay Rsv750 mlwhite$24.71
Mission Hill Family EstateRigamarole White750 mlwhite$13.21
Mission Hill Family EstateSauvignon Blanc Reserve750 mlwhite$24.71
Mission Hill Family EstateCabernet Merlot Five Vineyards750 mlred$19.54
Mission Hill Family EstateCabernet Sauvignon Reserve750 mlred$31.04
Mission Hill Family EstateRigamarole Red750 mlred$16.09
Monster VineyardThe Brute Sparkling750 mlsparkling$19.90
Monster VineyardMonster Cabs750 mlred$19.90
Monster VineyardRed Eyed Monster750 mlred$19.90
Monster VineyardMonster Rose750 mlrose$15.90
Montakarn WineryChardonnay Glad E750 mlwhite$21.90
Montakarn WineryChardonnay Tippy Toes750 mlwhite$19.90
Montakarn WineryBella Nola750 mlred$23.90
Monte Creek WineryRiesling750 mlwhite$17.99
Monte Creek WineryCab Sauvignon750 mlred$29.99
Monte Creek WineryCab/Merlot750 mlred$19.99
Monte Creek WineryPinot Noir Reserve750 mlred$29.99
Monte Creek WineryPinot Noir375 mldessert$49.99
Monte Creek WineryRiesling 375 mldessert$49.99
Moon Curser Border Vines750 mlred$24.90
Moon CurserSyrah750 mlred$24.90
Moraine Estate WineryCliffhanger White750 mlwhite$15.50
Moraine Estate WineryRiesling750 mlwhite$21.00
Moraine Estate WineryCliffhanger Red750 mlred$17.90
Moraine Estate WineryMeritage Red750 mlred$29.00
Moraine Estate WineryMountain Red750 mlred$23.00
Moraine Estate WineryPinot Noir750 mlred$27.00
Moraine Estate WinerySyrah750 mlred$23.50
Mt. BoucherieChardonnay Res750 mlwhite$30.00
Mt. BoucherieRed Meritage750 mlred$35.00
NicheGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$20.70
Nk'MipChardonnay750 mlwhite$18.99
Nk'MipChardonnay QQ750 mlwhite$25.00
Nk'MipPinot Blanc750 mlwhite$18.99
Nk'MipCab Sauvignon QQ750 mlred$30.00
Nk'MipMerlot750 mlred$22.99
Nk'MipMerlot Qmt Qmt750 mlred$27.99
Nk'MipSyrah QQ750 mlred$34.99
Nk'MipTalon750 mlred$22.99
Nk'MipRiesling375 mldessert$59.99
Noble RidgeMingle750 mlwhite$19.90
Noble RidgePinot Gris750 mlwhite$19.90
Noble RidgePinot Noir750 mlred$29.90
One FaithRose750 mlrose$19.99
Open WinesChardonnay750 mlwhite$10.99
Open WinesSauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$10.99
Open WinesSmooth White750 mlwhite$10.99
Open WinesCab/Merlot750 mlred$10.99
Open WinesMerlot750 mlred$10.99
Open WinesSmooth Red750 mlred$10.99
Orofino WineryRiesling750 mlwhite$21.90
Orofino WineryMerlot Red Bridge Red750 mlred$24.90
Orofino WineryPinot Noir750 mlred$31.90
Osoyoos La RoseLe Grand Vin750 mlred$52.85
Osoyoos La RoseLe Grand Vin1500 mlred$109.24
Osoyoos La RosePetales750 mlred$31.04
Pacific Breeze WineryPinot Gris750 mlwhite$15.99
Pacific Breeze WineryCant Remember750 mlred$18.99
Painted RockIcon750 mlred$54.90
Painted RockIcon1500 mlred$125.09
Painted RockMerlot750 mlred$39.95
Painted RockSyrah750 mlred$39.90
Paradise RanchMerlot LH375 mldessert$18.90
PentageRousanne Marsanne Viognier750 mlwhite$26.90
PentageRed Blend750 mlred$29.90
PentageRed Hiatus750 mlred$22.96
PentageFive Blaend Ice Frizzante375 mldessert$49.40
PerseusPinot Grigio750 mlwhite$19.99
PerseusCab Sauvignon SL750 mlred$57.49
PerseusCabernetMerlot750 mlred$22.99
PerseusRose750 mlrose$22.99
Poplar Grove WineryChardonnay750 mlwhite$21.90
Poplar Grove WineryRose Blanc de Noirs750 mlrose$24.90
Prospect WineryChardonnay375 mlwhite$9.09
Prospect WineryChardonnay750 mlwhite$14.94
Prospect WineryPinot Grigio OL750 mlwhite$14.94
Prospect WineryMerlot/Cab375 mlred$9.07
Prospect WineryMerlot/Cab750 mlred$16.09
Prospect WineryShiraz750 mlred$16.09
Prospect WineryVidal Ice375 mldessert$54.04
Prospect WineryAdmiral Shorts375 mlport style$18.96
Quails' Gate EstateChardonnay750 mlwhite$21.99
Quails' Gate EstateChasselas/Pinot Blanc/Pinot Gris750 mlwhite$18.99
Quails' Gate EstateDry Riesling750 mlwhite$16.99
Quails' Gate EstateOV Foch750 mlred$24.99
Quails' Gate EstatePinot Noir750 mlred$27.99
Quails' Gate EstateRiesling Icewine200 mldessert$40.00
Road 13HJ White750 mlwhite$18.39
Road 13Stemwinder750 mlwhite$17.99
Road 13Fifth Element750 mlred$48.99
Road 13H J Red750 mlred$22.99
Road 13Seventy-four K750 mlred$28.73
Sage HillsGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$27.90
Sage HillsPinot Gris750 mlwhite$25.90
Sage HillsRose750 mlrose$28.90
SandhillPinot Gris750 mlwhite$20.69
SandhillSauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$20.69
SandhillCab/Merlot750 mlred$21.84
Savard VinesPinot Gris750 mlwhite$17.29
Savard VinesPinot Noir750 mlred$32.18
See Ya Later RanchBrut NV750 mlsparkling$22.99
See Ya Later RanchChardonnay750 mlwhite$16.99
See Ya Later RanchGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$15.99
See Ya Later RanchPinot Gris750 mlwhite$16.99
See Ya Later RanchMajors Block750 mlred$20.99
See Ya Later RanchPing750 mlred$24.99
See Ya Later RanchPinot Noir750 mlred$21.99
See Ya Later RanchRover750 mlred$21.99
SerendipitySauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$21.90
SerendipityNext Step750 mlred$24.90
SerendipityRose750 mlrose$21.90
Seven Stones WineryChardonnay750 mlwhite$25.00
Seven Stones WineryMerlot Row 128750 mlred$30.00
Seven Stones WineryPinot Noir750 mlred$30.00
Sperling VineyardsMarket White0 mlwhite$17.00
SpierheadChardonnay750 mlwhite$26.45
SpierheadPinot Gris750 mlwhite$21.85
SpierheadGolden Retreat Pinot Noir750 mlred$35.65
SpierheadVanguard750 mlred$34.90
St Hubertus EstatePinot Blanc375 mlwhite$9.75
St Hubertus EstatePinot Blanc750 mlwhite$18.10
St Hubertus EstateRiesling750 mlwhite$19.25
St Hubertus EstateFoch750 mlred$25.30
St Hubertus EstateGamay Noir750 mlred$21.25
St Hubertus EstatePinot Noir750 mlred$23.00
Stag's HollowMuscat Frizzante750 mlsparkling$26.56
Stag's HollowRiesling750 mlwhite$20.81
Stag's HollowSauv Blanc750 mlwhite$20.81
Stag's HollowTragically Vidal750 mlwhite$20.81
Stag's HollowCab Franc750 mlred$28.86
Stag's HollowHeritage Block750 mlred$25.41
Stag's HollowMerlot750 mlred$23.11
Stag's HollowMerlot Renaissance1500 mlred$105.00
Stag's HollowPinot Noir750 mlred$27.71
Stag's HollowSimply Noir750 mlred$23.11
Stag's HollowHart500 mlport style$37.26
Stoneboat VineyardsBubble Boat Brut750 mlsparkling$19.90
Stoneboat VineyardsPiano750 mlsparkling$25.90
Stoneboat VineyardsChorus750 mlwhite$20.90
Stoneboat VineyardsPinot Gris750 mlwhite$19.90
Stoneboat VineyardsDuet750 mlred$23.90
Stoneboat VineyardsPinot Noir750 mlred$25.90
Stoneboat VineyardsPinotage750 mlred$25.90
Stoneboat VineyardsFaux Pas Rose750 mlrose$19.90
Sumac Ridge EstateGewurztraminer Private Reserve750 mlwhite$15.89
Sumac Ridge EstatePinot Grigio750 mlwhite$14.79
Sumac Ridge EstateRidge White750 mlwhite$11.49
Sumac Ridge EstateSauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$11.99
Sumac Ridge EstateCab Franc BSV750 mlred$24.99
Sumac Ridge EstateCabernet Sauv BSV750 mlred$24.99
Sumac Ridge EstateMerlot BSV750 mlred$23.99
Sumac Ridge EstateMerlot Cabernet Private Reserve750 mlred$15.99
Sumac Ridge EstatePinot Noir750 mlred$15.99
Sumac Ridge EstateRidge Red750 mlred$11.99
Sumac Ridge EstatePipe BSV500 mlport style$24.99
Summerhill EstateCipes Blanc de Noirs750 mlsparkling$36.80
Summerhill EstateCipes P Noir Brut750 mlsparkling$29.90
Summerhill EstateEhrenfelser750 mlwhite$20.59
Summerhill EstateRiesling750 mlwhite$20.59
Summerhill EstateBaco Noir 750 mlred$25.88
Summerhill EstateMerlot750 mlred$25.88
Summerhill EstateSyrah750 mlred$28.75
TantalusChardonnay750 mlwhite$29.90
TantalusPinot Noir750 mlred$32.19
Terravista VineyardsFandango750 mlwhite$24.87
Terravista VineyardsFigaro750 mlwhite$23.90
The ViewFrizzante750 mlsparkling$24.09
The ViewGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$20.64
The ViewSilver Lining White750 mlwhite$19.49
The ViewSilver Lining Red750 mlred$19.49
TherapyFreudian Sip750 mlwhite$21.84
TherapyFreuds Ego750 mlred$25.29
TherapySuper Ego750 mlred$40.24
TherapyPink Freud750 mlrose$21.84
TherapyFreudified375 mldessert$28.74
Thornhaven EstateInfusion Rose Frizzante750 mlsparkling$19.90
Thornhaven EstateBrooklyn Blend750 mlwhite$15.90
Thornhaven EstateGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$17.90
Thornhaven EstatePinot Gris750 mlwhite$15.90
Thornhaven EstatePinot Noir750 mlred$18.90
Time Estate WineryChardonnay750 mlwhite$19.99
Time Estate WineryMcWatters Chardonnay750 mlwhite$24.99
Time Estate WinerySauvignon Blanc750 mlwhite$22.99
Time Estate WineryWhite Meritage750 mlwhite$24.99
Time Estate WineryMcWatters Meritage750 mlred$24.99
Time Estate WineryRed Meritage750 mlred$29.99
Time Estate WineryRose750 mlrose$22.99
Tinhorn Creek EstatePinot Gris750 mlwhite$20.99
Tinhorn Creek EstateCab Franc750 mlred$25.49
Tinhorn Creek EstateMerlot750 mlred$25.49
Van Westen VineyardsVino Grigio750 mlwhite$19.90
Van Westen VineyardsVivacious750 mlwhite$19.90
Van Westen VineyardsV750 mlred$34.90
Van Westen VineyardsVoluptuous750 mlred$29.92
Van Westen VineyardsViognier Icewine200 mldessert$24.90
Vista D'oroDoro500 mlport style$39.38
Volcanic HillsGew Bubbly750 mlsparkling$22.86
Volcanic HillsGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$18.01
Volcanic HillsPinot Noir750 mlred$24.90
Wild GooseAutumn Gold750 mlwhite$20.00
Wild GooseGewurztraminer750 mlwhite$18.50
Wild GooseMorio and Friends750 mlwhite$23.00
Wild GoosePinot Blanc Mystic River750 mlwhite$19.00
Wild GoosePinot Gris750 mlwhite$19.00
Wild GooseRiesling Gods Mtn750 mlwhite$20.00
Wild GooseHorizon Red Blend750 mlred$25.00
Wild GooseRose750 mlrose$18.00

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